Our Workflow

Our customers work on translational or clinical projects in academic or industrial settings.

A typical work flow procedure might be as follows:

Most samples belonging to academic projects reach us in one single batch. After you contact us with information about your sample number and requested assays, we will send you a customized quote and sample shipment information. About 3 to 8 weeks after sample batch shipment, you will receive a result report. For all our service studies, ownership of samples and results remain with our customers and remaining sample material is shipped back or discarded after completion of the study.

Please contact us to request a quote for your research study!

Our industrial customers usually need to assay several sample batches over different time intervals. If you are conducting a clinical study that requires measuring several hundred samples, we usually have already met at a conference, or will set up a teleconference or visit to your site where an  representative makes you familiar with the Epiontis ID technology. Then, we prepare a contract specifiying the requested cell types, costs, shipping dates and turnaround times.

We welcome visits to our company both as an initial audit and as an interim audit while the study is running.

Please let us know if you would like to be contacted with more information about our service for immune monitoring in clinical studies!

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