Immune Monitoring

Why use Epiontis ID assays?

The Epiontis ID assay technology allows efficient clinical trial diagnostics by the identification and quantification of any cell type with accuracy and technical ease.

Epiontis ID assays have very low sample requirements, superior precision, and improved specificity. Particularly for large multi-center studies, this is a significant advantage compared to conventional immunomonitoring, where living cells – or at least intact cells – are required to analyze immune cells by flow cytometry or Elispot.

To ensure the stability of your samples for flow cytometry, you need either complex and expensive logistics or local flow cytometry laboratories. In both cases, costly and well trained staff at each clinical site for preanalytical sample preparation (PBMC preparation, cryopreservation, storage and shipment or analysis) is inevitable. Furthermore, the results of flow cytometry are hardly reproducible, especially between different labs or studies.

With Epiontis ID assays, sample handling is easy while results are precise and comparable.

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