Customized Assays

Does our epigenetic immune monitoring technology sound convincing to you, but an assay for the particular cell type of interest to you is still missing from the list?

We are continuously developing epigenetic assays for a wide range of immune cells. Please inquire whether one of our assays can answer your research questions, or whether we have already started the discovery and develoment process for your cell type of interest.

In some cases, we are able to design customised epigenetic assays. If we do not offer an assay for your cell type of interest, we can design a customized epigenetic assay. It would then be necessary to track suitable markers within the genome. Using differential methylation hybridization or a literature-based search for candidate genes, we are able to develop an immune monitoring assay that is in line with your needs.

Starting from a small sample of purified cells, we identify epigenetic marker regions of high specificty, perform biological validation of the marker, develop a qPCR based assay for the marker, and subsequently validate this assay for accuracy, specificity, stability and robustness. The average timeline for a fully validated epigenetic assay from project start to end is about 12 months. 

Please talk to us about starting a project for your cell type of interest.

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