Technology Advantage

Ease of sample handling

The handling of samples for Epiontis' assays is easy. After collection in standard blood tubes, samples are frozen at -20 °C and stored before shipment to our laboratory on dry ice. The stability of the samples is not affected by the duration of storage.

For Epiontis' assays, small sample amounts are sufficient. With only 0.5 ml whole blood, we are able to measure the whole panel of 16 immune cell types. Depending on the cell type of interest, 50 to 300 µl blood is sufficient for one single assay.

Dramatic changes in cell numbers and/or cell ratios occurring during some pathological conditions may decrease or increase the volume of sample needed. Even formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples are suitable for our assays.

Your advantage: The easy sample handling enables monitoring of patients in large multi-center studies, retrospective studies, routine monitoring, and the objective comparison of results between different studies.  

Advantages of sample preparation for Epiontis` assays at a glance:

  • small sample volume required (50 to 300 µl)        
  • no limitation in sample stability when frozen at -20 °C.          
  • easy shipment on dry ice  

Safety, storage and testing capacity for large clinical trials

Thinking about conducting a large clinical trial? Epiontis` temperature controlled sample storage facility has enough space for your samples. Our storage and testing capacity is dimensioned to ensure immediate turnaround of all scheduled sample deliveries and to maintain sufficient reserve capacity for expedited analysis of samples delivered on short notice.

In our sample storage, your samples are safe: an electronic monitoring system logs temperatures and transmits alerts via cell phone if the temperature increases. Additional freezers and electric generators are available for an emergency cooling. Furthermore, our laboratory capacity is fully scalable to accommodate growing numbers of submitted samples.  

Highly specific

Epiontis` epigenetic cell type assays are precise, robust and reproducible since an absolutely standardized quantitative PCR technology is used.

Advantages of Epiontis` assays at a glance:

  • Standardized quantitative PCR technology       
  • Precise, robust, repdroducible cell type assays         
  • Objective result comparison across different studies  
  • ISO 17025 accredited
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