Preparation of Genomic DNA

To ensure measurements with high precision, between 1 and 5 µg of isolated genomic DNA is needed, depending on the assay type. This amount can usually be isolated from about 100 µl of blood (EDTA, citrate or heparin preservation) or 1 million lymphocytes. If FACS sorted samples with enriched target cell content are analysed significantly less DNA is needed. For projects with limited sample amounts a high sensitivity assay setup is available.

Please contact us with any questions regarding sample requirements or arrangements for sample shipment.  

For preparation of genomic DNA we recommend to use the "DNeasy Blood & TissueKit" from Qiagen (Cat. No. 69504). Please refer to the handbook for purification protocols and sample starting amounts. Depending on the assay type, per sample at least 2-5 µg and if possible 10 µg of DNA in a volume of 50 µl or less should be provided.

Our experience showed: For a high yield DNA isolation, please start with about 100 µl blood or a similar amount of cells as suggested in the protocol, but replace the 100 µl elution buffer with 50 µl of elution buffer, and use this amount to re-elute the column 3 times.  

Checkbox for DNA preparation

  • DNeasy Blood & TissueKit" from Qiagen
  • 2-5 µg, if possible 10 µg of total DNA
  • Use only 50 µl of elution buffer, elute 3 times  

Shipping to Epiontis (Germany)

  • DNA samples can be sent at 4°C using cool packs, shipment on dry ice is not necessary.
  • Use clearly labelled safe lock tubes additionally sealed with parafilm to avoid leakage. Blood samples
  • Ship samples (that are assembled in a rack/box) on dry ice and make sure that dry ice load will be sufficient to keep samples frozen during the entire shipment.
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