About Epiontis ID

Who we are

Epiontis was founded in 2003 by Dr. Sven Olek and Dr. Ulrich Hoffmueller. The company is headquartered in the Science and Technology Park Adlershof in the south of Berlin, Germany. In September 2017, Epiontis became part of Precision for Medicine, and we now offer our expertise and technology in concert with Precision’s broad portfolio of immune monitoring assays.

What we do

Using a novel molecular diagnostics technology, Epiontis ID offers an immune cell monitoring service as well as customized development of epigenetic assays. The Epiontis ID epigenetic assay format allows the identification and quantification of any cell type with accuracy and technical ease. The main field of use is the monitoring of immune cells in research and clinical studies for autoimmune and infectious diseases or cancer. Here, we offer a portfolio of established assays for immune cells. Examples include diagnostic assays for regulatory T cells (Tregs) and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, with many other epigenetic assays under development. In addition, we develop customized immune monitoring assays that serve your needs. 

The immune monitoring solutions we offer with Precision for Medicine cover a broad array from preclinical through phase 3, with assays ranging across platforms, including flow cytometry, ELISpot, and multiplex cytokine profiling. Global specialty labs ensure specimen processing from all clinical sites within 24 to 30 hours of draw when required.

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